A lot of people are confusing Gene Simmons with ‘The Room’s Tommy Wiseau

And now everyone thinks they're meeting Gene Simmons...

Gene Simmons has inadvertednly made a meme of himself spurring fans to post pictures online of themselves with people that look like the Kiss singer.

This internet game began back in 2015 when one fan posted a picture of an older man with long black hair on Twitter and wrote: “@genesimmons Thanks for stopping at Moon Twp. Ford. Why do you use an alias?” To which Simmons responded: “That’s not me”.

This has evolved through the years with Gene Simmons taking the joke in his stride (or maybe he doesn’t understand it). One woman posted a picture of another Simmons lookalike, writing: “You without the glasses look better”. To which the Kiss member responded “This is not me, kids. Clearly, the young man is much more handsome than I am. But it’s not me. “

Simmons obviously has grown tired of the long-running joke flooding his mentions and tweeted last Saturday (July 22): “There are a number of guys running around saying they are me. They are not”. And this is where Tommy Wiseau comes into the picture.

A picture went viral of the famous scene from ‘The Room’ of Tommy Wiseau on the roof (“Oh hi Mark”) with a caption: “I got a real pic of Gene Simmons on a rooftop the other day.” Simmons, again, had to pipe up to say, “Sorry. That’s not me”.

Simmons’ reply has since had over 5,000 retweets and 17,000 likes. We can’t say for sure whether the Kiss man has ever seen The Room, but this Twitter-play could easily make it into the sequel.

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Last month, it was reported that Kiss frontman and bassist Simmons had filed an application to the US Patent and Trademark Office, claiming to have first popularised the “devil-horns” rock salute during Kiss’ Hotter Than Hell tour in 1974.