George Clooney contracted malaria in Sudan

It's the second time the actor has had the condition

George Clooney contracted malaria during a trip to Sudan earlier this month, but is now fully cured, it has been revealed.

The actor’s spokesperson said it was the second time Clooney had caught the disease.

The spokesperson quoted Clooney as saying how his experiences show how the right medication can turn “the most lethal condition” into “a bad ten days instead of a death sentence”.

Clooney is a frequent visitor to the African country, helping raise awareness about the Darfur conflict.

He is expected to discuss the condition – as well as his work in Africa – on Piers Morgan‘s CNN show, set to be aired tonight (January 21).

Clooney told Morgan: “I guess the mosquito in Juba looked at me and thought I was the bar.”