George Clooney released following arrest at Sudan Embassy protest

The actor was protesting against human rights abuses when detained.

George Clooney has been released from jail after being arrested for protesting outside the Sudan Embassy in Washington.

The actor, who was led away in white-zip tied cuffs alongside his dad Nick and other activists for civil disobedience, had informed the authorities that he was going to protest outside the embassy.

After three warnings from police to disperse, Clooney and his fellow demonstrators were cuffed and bundled into an awaiting van.

On his release, Clooney told an assembled pack of reporters: “What we’ve been trying to achieve today is we’re trying to bring attention to an on-going emergency. Our job right now is to try to bring attention to it, and one of those ways was, apparently, getting arrested.”

Clooney, who paid an undisclosed fine, poked fun at his arrest and made light of his mug-shot.

He joked: “It was really rough, as you can imagine. It is on my permanent record and you know that picture is going to be all over everything.”

On returning from a tour of Sudan two days ago, Clooney arrived in Washington and testified in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the subject of violence in the Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan, a state near its border with South Sudan.

He has long campaigned on behalf of the Sudanese, calling on the US to pressure the Chinese government to open the southern region of the country to relief efforts. This week he met President Barack Obama to explain his stance, and appeared on NBC’s Today show.