George RR Martin details plans for New Mexico production studio

The author will build the Stagecoach Foundation in Sante Fe, with the Coen Brothers lined up to use the facility when it is complete

George RR Martin has unveiled plans for a new non-profit film production studio.

The studio, to be called Stagecoach Foundation, will be built in Sante Fe, New Mexico, in a 30,000-square foot former biotech space.

Martin, author of A Song Of Ice And Fire and co-executive producer of its TV adaptation, Game Of Thrones, hopes the facility will drawn in a mix of established Hollywood names and new talent, in addition to offering space for a production HQ, editing facilities and much more.


The Coen Brothers, who filmed part of their modern western No Country For Old Men in the state, plan to collaborate with Stagecoach for one of their upcoming films, according to local paper, The Albuquerque Journal.

On his LiveJournal account, long used by Martin to address fans, he wrote, “Our dream is to bring more jobs to the people of Santa Fe, and to help train the young people of the city for careers in the entertainment industry, through internships, mentoring, and education.”

HBO recently confirmed Game Of Thrones will return for its seventh series in July, while also adding that series eight will consist of just six episodes.

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