The Gingerline is Secret Cinema for foodies – but a lot funnier

We went down to the roving secret supper club that everyone's talking about.

If you’ve ever taken part in or heard about Secret Cinema, you’re half way to understanding what The Gingerline is all about.

Situated somewhere on the most hipster of all transport lines – the London Overground – The Gingerline is a magical mystery tour of food, theatre and a lot of laughs.

When NME head down to the unique evening, we’re not quite sure what to expect. A text on the day reveals the event’s secret location which – as promised – is just a short walk from a London Overground station.


On arrival, we set off on a culinary journey through “multiple dimensions”.

So as not to ruin the surprise, we’re instructed to keep details of the pioneering food company’s current event, Chambers of Flavour V.2, under wraps but to give you a taste (lol) of what to expect, past events have seen guests travel by boat into enchanted forests, soar above the skies in Air Gingerline, dine with aliens and even be initiated into a secret cult sworn to protect the existence of flavourolgical research.

Baffled? Turn up with a good sense of humour, a hungry belly and a willingness to make a bit of a dick of yourself and you’re guaranteed to have an absolutely splendid evening.

How to go: Tickets cost £55 – £70 Your ticket includes access into the Inter-dimensional dining machine, with an adventure through five contrasting parallel realities lasting over 1 hour and 50 minutes. Bargain!

Ticket release: Tuesday 4th April 2017

Time: 12:00 midday



Tickets on sale: End July 2017 to August

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