Fund launched for Delays singer Greg Gilbert following stage 4 bowel cancer diagnosis

The father-of-two received the diagnosis a few weeks ago.

A fund has been started for the singer and guitarist of Southampton quartet Delays, Greg Gilbert, who was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer a few weeks ago.

The father of two was informed of the diagnosis – which also found that the cancer has spread to his lungs – on his daughter’s first birthday.

In a statement, the 40-year-old’s fiancée Stacey revealed, “Greg has been treated for IBS for a while and his GP didn’t think it was a major issue. Gastro consultants and dieticians had confirmed the IBS diagnosis. At the end of October, Greg was experiencing some severe abdomen pains and vomiting that led him to be admitted to A&E. After an x-ray, we were told that they had a found a cancerous blockage in his bowel. After further investigation, we were told the devastating news that the bowel cancer has also spread to his lungs and because of the extent of these tumours, they would only be able to offer him a 12 week course of chemotherapy as he is currently not a candidate for surgery to remove the primary tumour in his bowel. We were told this heart breaking news on our daughter Bay’s 1st birthday. I cannot put into words the terror and shock of this moment. To hear Greg ask the consultant how long he had left to live is the darkest moment of my life and something that will haunt me forever.”


She added: “The NHS is limited in what they can do to save Greg but there are new, ground-breaking treatments available privately in Germany and Finland such as stereotactic therapy, microwave ablation and personalised immunotherapy that have had astounding results on others that share the same prognosis.”

The Give4Greg campaign, which launched today (December 21) is aiming to crowdfund £100,000 for Gilbert’s medical treatment.

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They also note that there will be future fundraising events for the campaign, and that there will be a separate page for those who wish to make a private donation.

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