‘Glee’ creator adapting AIDS outbreak play

Mark Ruffalo stars as Jewish activist

Mark Ruffalo and Glee creator Ryan Murphy are adapting The Normal Heart for the big screen.

The play by Larry Kramer, tells the semi-autobiographical story of Jewish activist Ned Weeks, who created a prominent HIV advocacy group in the 1980s.

Speaking to MTV News, Ruffalo explained: “It’s basically a story of when the AIDS outbreak happened in New York. It wasn’t really taken seriously, I think specifically because it was ‘the gay cancer’, they called it. I think it’s a really interesting time in America.

“I think to see someone who really does change the world by his commitment and he’s even totally by himself at times, there’s still a real power in that. I love that it’s a people-powered movement that actually changed the way our government looked at this epidemic.”

Murphy, known for his high school musical smash hit show Glee, will not be directing but is onboard as a producer.