‘Glee’ creator: ‘I feel great about the show again’

Ryan Murphy admits to regrets about his handling of the hit show

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has said that he feels “great” about the show again after a period of controversy.

Murphy upset fans of the musical comedy series when he suggested that major characters Rachel (Lea Michelle), Finn (Corey Monteith) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) would be written out of the show when their characters graduate at the end of the third series.

Speaking at the launch of the third series, which debuts in the US next week, Murphy said: “I will never again say people are leaving. It just snowballed. It took a turn and got nasty… I think fans resented it.”

It had been suggested that Murphy commented publicly about characters’ departures before the actors themselves had been told.

There has since been speculation about a spin-off series following Kurt and Rachel as they attempt to make it on Broadway, according to Entertainment Weekly, which has not been ruled out. It has also been suggested that the seniors of William McKinley High could remain in the show as teachers.

Of the forthcoming third series, Murphy said: “I feel great about it again.”

Glee returns to UK screens on the new channel of Sky1 on September 22 at 9pm.