Watch Amy Schumer star in new ‘Snatched’ sketch

The comedian is set to star alongside Goldie Hawn in the new film, which will mark the latter's first cinematic appearance in 15 years

Amy Schumer has starred in a new short sketch ahead of the release of her new film Snatched – watch the clip below.

Schumer will star alongside Goldie Hawn – who will make her return to the big screen after a 15-year absence – in the upcoming new movie, with the two playing Linda and Emily Middleton. The film follows the mother-and-daughter duo as they embark on a non-refundable trip to South America after Schumer’s character is stood up by her rock star boyfriend (played by The Interview‘s Randall Park) at the airport.

Ahead of the film’s release in the UK on May 19 (it arrives in the US on Friday [May 12]), a final promotional sketch for the film has been released, starring Schumer. Taking inspiration from Taken, the sketch sees Schumer trying to avert her kidnapping by getting advice on the phone from Wanda Sykes – with Schumer keen to get in a plug for the US release of Snatched during her ordeal.


Watch the new Snatched-based sketch below.

Speaking ahead of the release of Snatched, Hawn – who first rose to fame in the late 1960s – said that the time was right for an acting comeback.

“It was time to come back, but the hook was mostly Amy, plus the script, plus the fact it’s mainly focused on two women in the lead roles,” Hawn told the Chicago Sun-Times. “You don’t get that in Hollywood all that often. But mostly it was about having the chance to work with Amy.”