You can now play Green Day songs in VR game ‘Beat Saber’

The punk band are entering the video games world

Green Day have released a special music pack for the virtual reality game Beat Saber, it has been announced.

The game uses VR motion controllers representing lightsabers and asks players to slash through coloured blocks that represents a song’s notes and beats.

Green Day’s Beat Saber music pack features the songs ‘American Idiot’, ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’, ‘Holiday’, ‘Minority’, ‘Father Of All…’, and latest release ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’. The pack is available to buy for $8.99 (£6.74).


In a statement, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong said: “VR is rock’n’roll – it’s fearless, it’s challenging the way things are done, it’s never taking no for an answer. It’s also the most engaging and unique way for fans around the world to experience our music. Strap in!”

Green Day’s involvement with Beat Saber was teased earlier this week when the band were revealed to be planning a “really awesome video game announcement they’ll be making” during The Game Awards.

Previously, Imagine Dragons released their own music pack for Beat Saber in October 2019.

Green Day ventured into gaming back in 2010 when they featured in Green Day: Rock Band. The release allowed players to perform a selection of the group’s material including the entire ‘American Idiot’ and ‘Dookie’ albums.

Meanwhile, the band surprised fans with a hit-filled show in California over the weekend. The performance took place at the end of a club gig from their covers side project The Coverups.


Next year, the punk trio will return with a new album, titled ‘Father Of All…’ The record will be released on February 7, 2020, and will precede a joint ‘Hella Mega’ UK tour with Fall Out Boy and Weezer in June.