Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion praised by boss of Emirates airline

"We really need this kind of thing to force us to make decisions"

Greta Thunberg has been praised for her work in tackling climate change by the boss of one of the world’s biggest airlines.

In an interview with the BBC, President of Emirates, Sir Tim Clark, discussed the possibilities of using an alternative to fossil fuels to power aircraft in the future.

Though he claimed that technology is far from finding a new energy source, the company boss did say the issue has “got to be dealt with” as he’s now “a climate change believer”. He admitted that it had taken him “a long time” to accept the climate crisis.


He added: “I quite like Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg for having brought a real focus to the issue; a focus on the fact that we are not doing enough at the speed we should be.

“I’m not condoning some of their methods. But Extinction Rebellion and Greta have a role to play… We really need this kind of thing to force us to make decisions.”

This comes after Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood discussed how bands and those who need to fly for work are deemed hypocrites for contributing to the problem. He reasoned that this viewpoint serves as a distraction from a bigger picture.

“Yes, this person is a hypocrite because they flew,” Greenwood said. “But if picking holes in someone’s green credentials is all you need to convince yourself there’s no climate change problem then you’re kind of an idiot.”


Over the summer, Tory MP David Davies attacked The 1975 for flying around the world on tour, a practise he argued was at odds with their vocal support of Extinction Rebellion.

Meanwhile, a special message from Greta Thunberg was aired during Björk’s show in London last night. The words “Imagine a future. Be in it” was also projected across the stage at The O2 Arena.

Reviewing the gig, NME said: “We should be thankful for an artist wild enough to take a show this audacious to a venue in which she’ll be followed, over the next two nights, by the more straightforwardly people-pleasing performances of McFly and Little Mix. This is a time where we all need to push it, to find new ways of being: like the lady herself sings in the show’s penultimate track: ‘Imagine a future and be in it.'”


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