Guardians Of The Galaxy director on lack of merchandising for female characters – ‘It really bums me out’

There were only six pieces of merchandise created for the only female character in the 2014 film

The director of Guardians Of The Galaxy has responded to the fan outcry over a lack of figurines of the film’s only female character, Gamora.

“It’s frustrating and it bums me out,” said director James Gunn, adding that he was attempting to make sure there is wider representation of Zoe Saldana’s character in the toy market for the film’s 2017 sequel.

Speaking in a live Facebook Q&A video the director said, “I had a big conversation about this yesterday with one of my producers at Marvel about trying to make sure, especially, that Gamora is represented more in [merchandise] and all the Guardians toys but especially all the clothing and bedsheets and all that stuff.”

He was responding to a question about the paucity of Gamora merchandise following the 2014 film. At that time a #WheresGamora hashtag was created after it was revealed that only six different Gamora toys had been created to tie in with the film, compared to hundreds of merchandise items for the male characters.

“I think its really important [and] that oftentimes it’s something Marvel is concerned with, as I am,” Gunn said. “It’s frustrating and stuff, and it bums me out.”


Gunn also revealed that he was in the middle of “a very important casting” for the sequel to Guardians Of The Galaxy, which he will begin shooting in February 2016. The next film is currently scheduled for release on May 5, 2017.

Ahead of the first Guardians Of The Galaxy film, Gunn said that if The Avengers are The Beatles then his film was more like The Rolling Stones. The blockbuster starred Chris Pratt and Bradley Cooper. Gunn said, “We fit in, we are Marvel-cosmic, just the outer space wing of Marvel and it is pretty fun. I think of the Avengers as The Beatles and the Guardians are the Rolling Stones. That is really how I feel about the groups.”