Gucci Mane’s public proposal to fiancé Keyshia Ka’oir will melt your heart

The rapper proposed to girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir at Atlanta Hawks a basketball game recently. The internet's heart was melted.

This week an MC saved our lives. That MC was Gucci Mane, who romantically and beautifully proposed to his girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir in the most public way he could: via the ‘Kiss Cam’ at an Atlanta Hawks basketball game. Readers, she’ll marry him: she said yes. If the clip below doesn’t thoroughly warm your cockles, you’re as cold as the ice cream tattoo on Gucci’s happy face.




Marvin’s on the stereo, Keyshia’s looking badass in pink fur, the announcer is screaming  “THIS IS A PROPOSAL” when it seems obvious to everyone with eyeballs that it’s quite clearly a proposal. The Atlanta Hawks mascot Skyhawk is hovering awkwardly in the background with a bouquet of flowers. Keyshia’s ring looks heavier than a basketball. Gucci has his own nickname, “Guwop”, plastered over the back of his own jersey. The announcer bawls, “Say Guwop’s hooome! Brrrr!” Everything about this clip is so perfect, a Shakespearean scene with enough romance to thaw our cynical modern hearts.


The couple have been together since 2010, when Gucci spotted a picture of Keyshia in the hip-hop magazine XXL and asked to meet her. She owns the make-up brand Ka’oir and stood by her man while he was in jail between 2014 and 2016 for possession of firearms. “We had our ups and downs, ’cause I would mess up and do stupid junk, but she had my back through all of it,” Gucci told The New York Times in July, having been released in May. Shut up, we’re not crying, you’re crying.


The rapper has enjoyed his new-found freedom by telling anyone who’ll listen how much he loves Keyshia, while he has reportedly discovered a love of kale, eaten in the quiet Atlanta suburb they now live in. Yes, Gucci Mane has found domestic bliss. Just think: the man who once called himself the ‘Trap God’ can find love, contentment and kale. Yes, the big three. Check out his Instagram post below: it transcends public display of affection status to become pure poetry.




So, next time you swipe left on Tinder, abandon a dismal date because it transpires the person opposite you is an estate agent, just think of Gucci and Keyshia, kicking it in their glamorous yet suburban pad. She’ll be working on her personal brand via Instagram, he’ll be talking to oddball filmmaker Harmony Korine about their ultra-cool Supreme ad, and there is hope for us all.

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