Elbow’s Guy Garvey makes surprise cameo in ‘Peter Kay’s Car Share’

The frontman made an unexpected appearance in the season-opening episode of the Bolton comedian's BBC series

Elbow frontman Guy Garvey has made an unexpected cameo in the opening episode of the new season of Peter Kay’s Car Share.

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The Bolton comedian’s latest comedy series returned yesterday (April 11) with it second season, which is available to view in full on BBC iPlayer now.

The season premiere saw Garvey’s unexpected appearance towards the end of the episode, with the frontman playing the role of motorcycle enthusiast Steve. Steve discusses bikes with John Redmond (Kay) in the very short cameo – watch the episode in full here (UK only).


Fans of both the show and Elbow expressed their delight at Garvey’s quirky cameo – see a selection of their responses to last night’s episode below.

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Back in February, Kay dressed up as Honey G to judge the Let It Shine final.

Meanwhile, Garvey recently spoke out against Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency, calling it “the biggest disaster our generation has seen.”

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“It was protest-voting as opposed to aspiring to something better, throwing rocks at the machine same with Trump,” Garvey said of Brexit, before taking on the US President. “Trump is part of a generation of self-promotional people who’ll make hateful decisions simply for the headlines. It’s a new low. Of moral-less society.”