Haim promise more new “jams” are coming this year

Is LP 3 on the horizon?

Haim have promised fans that more new songs will arrive this year, while discussing their newfound “fun” approach to releasing material.

The LA sisters made their return late last month with the sunkissed single, ‘Summer Girl‘. It marked their first release since the 2017 album, ‘Something To Tell You‘.

In a new interview, the trio have teased what’s to follow. “There will definitely be new music this year, we can tell you that,” frontwoman Danielle Haim told Matt Wilkinson on his Beats 1 radio show.


“There will be many more jams coming!” added Alana Haim.

Haim, 2019. Credit: Getty Images

With ‘Summer Girl’ being shared just a week after it was completed in the studio, the band revealed that they’ll take a similar approach for dropping upcoming tunes.

“We literally finished ‘Summer Girl’ like a week before it came out – and we were just like, let’s put it out,” Alana explained. “And that’s kinda how we’re feeling about our music now, we’re just writing it, getting in the studio and putting it out as it comes.

“It’s been really fun, it’s super new and we’re just doing it!”

You can listen to the full Beats 1 chat here.


Singer Danielle Haim recently opened up about the emotional inspiration behind ‘Summer Girl‘, revealing that the song’s lyrics had been inspired by her partner’s cancer diagnosis.

“I wanted to be his hope when he was feeling hopeless. So I kept singing these lines – ‘I’m your sunny girl/ I’m your fuzzy girl/ I’m your summer girl‘ – over the bass line. ‘Summer Girl’ stuck,” she said on Instagram.