‘Halloween’ reboot will feature original actor as Michael Myers AKA The Shape

Nick Castle played the adult Michael Myers in the 1978 original.

It’s been revealed that actor Nick Castle will be reprising his role as the adult Michael Myers AKA The Shape in the upcoming remake of the movie ‘Halloween’.

Castle played that character of Myers in the original version of the 1978 film, who murders his sister as a young boy, before returning home 15 years later to continue his killing spree.

According to producer Jason Blum, the film will be: “a reboot of the first movie as opposed to a sequel”. It will disregard all of the previous nine sequels, and will take place after the original film.


Bloody Disgusting reveal that stunt man James Jude Courtney has also been cast to play Myers.

Myers is referred to as ‘The Shape’ in the film’s credits, as he was in the film’s script, because throughout the movie you often only see an outline of him lurking in the shadows.

Jamie Lee Curtis will again play Laurie Strode – as she has done in six of the previous ten ‘Halloween’ films.

Judy Greer will play Laurie Strode’s daughter, Karen, while young actress Andi Matichak will play Greer’s daughter. Matichak has previously acted in 2016 high school sports drama, ‘Miles’, as well as 2017 romantic drama, ‘Evol’.

Make-up and VFX artist Christopher Nelson – who’s worked on ‘Suicide Squad‘, ‘Deadpool‘ and ‘Kill Bill’ – is also involved.


The original was written by John Carpenter and Debra Hill, and directed by Carpenter. According to Bloody Disgusting, Carpenter will score, executive produce and serve as a consultant on the new film.

NME spoke to producer Jason Blum about his involvement in the reboot – and he revealed that he refused to do the movie unless John Carpenter was involved.

‘I went to the rights holders and said I really wanted to do ‘Halloween’ but I don’t want to do it unless we have John Carpenter,” he said.

“They said: ‘You’re not going to get John Carpenter’. I said ‘Let me give it a shot’. So I met John Carpenter and we had a very quick meeting – 15 minutes – but he agreed to executive produce it and when he agreed I thought it would be a great thing to do, so hopefully we won’t disappoint with the movie.

“I can reveal nothing about ‘Halloween’ except I promise it’ll be good.”

‘Halloween’ is set for release on October 19 2018.

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