Halsey deletes tweets criticising Demi Lovato and the media

The singer has taken shots at the media for perpetuating a "female feud" narrative

Following a disagreement back in June, Halsey has once again hit out at Demi Lovato in a series of tweets that have since been deleted.

Halsey began her Twitter thread by mentioning Lovato in a tweet that read: “thx for the text back that everything is all good and u kno what I meant, but keep letting the press drag me in ur benefit”.

Halsey spoke out against Lovato regarding her new song ‘Cool For The Summer’ and her discomfort with straight female pop stars presenting a particular take on same-sex relationships in their songs.


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The perturbed singer then focused her attention on the media, criticising them for pushing a “female feud” narrative.

Halsey took umbrage with a tweet from iHeartRadio that suggested that her and Demi Lovato were “on the same team”. The singer responded by calling the headline garbage and that her criticisms were never directed at Lovato, it was at general biphobia.

Check out the now deleted tweets below.


Halsey has also criticised Iggy Azalea in a recent interview, calling the Australian rapper a “fucking moron” for her “complete disregard for black culture”. Azalea has now responded to Halsey’s comments.


Halsey’s second album ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ has recently debuted at Number One on the US Billboard 200 albums chart.