New Harley Quinn photo reveals possible deleted scene in ‘Suicide Squad’

A newly-unearthed picture from the set has fuelled speculation about a possibly-canned sequence

A newly-unearthed photograph from the set of Suicide Squad has hinted at a possible deleted scene that depicted Harley Quinn‘s wedding.

The much-hyped DC Comics adaptation finally arrived in August 2016, taking $745 million at the box office. While the film received mostly negative reviews from critics, Suicide Squad became an Oscar-winning picture following its success in the Best Make-up and Hairstyling category at last night’s (February 26) ceremony.

A new photo from the set of the film has been widely circulated on social media today (February 27), which, while also demonstrating an example of the crew’s make-up and hairstyling prowess, has hinted at a possible deleted scene from Suicide Squad.


Showing Margot Robbie having her make-up applied as Harley Quinn, the photo sees Quinn wearing what appears to be a wedding dress – fuelling speculation that a scene where the character gets married was cut from the final version of Suicide Squad.

See the shot from the set of Suicide Squad below.

Fans of the film have now speculated that Quinn may have been meant to marry The Joker – played by Jared Leto – in the film, though there has been no official confirmation from Warner Bros. about the reason behind this particular costume.

Earlier this month, Mel Gibson was reported to be in talks to direct the Suicide Squad sequel.