Have ‘Harry Potter’ fans spotted a sly reference in ‘Game of Thrones’?

Jim Broadbent made his Game of Thrones debut last night...

Eagle-eyed Game of Thrones fans think they might have just spotted a subtle nod to Harry Potter in the first episode of Season 7, which debuted last night.

In the show, Jim Broadbent made his debut turn as archmaester Ebrose in a scene that seemingly referenced Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince.

During the episode, Samwell Tarly is seen adjusting to life as a maester, but he is struggling to fit in at the citadel and eventually starts talking to Ebrose about a ‘restricted area’ which contains books on how to defeat White Walkers, his original reason for training to become a maester.


But after his request is denied by Ebrose, he steals his keys and gains access anyway.

For many Game of Thrones fans, the scene evoked memories of Harry Potter – specifically the moment where Harry is unable to find any information on Horcruxes in the restricted sections of the Hogwarts Library.

However, the connection goes even further, with a scene from Harry Potter And The Order of The Phoenix showing a young Voldemort (Tom Riddle) as he seeks information on Horcruxes from Professor Slughorn.

And Professor Slughorn, should we need to remind you, is played by none other Jim Broadbent – so there’s quite the cyclical connection going on.


Last night’s episode also saw Ed Sheeran make a cameo appearance – performing a song as Arya Stark rode by.