‘Harry Potter’ is now richer than Royal Family

Daniel Radcliffe reportedly has a fortune of £28.5 million

Daniel Radcliffe‘s lead role in the Harry Potter has earned him a fortune that reportedly surpasses the wealth of Princes William and Harry.

According to Theeconomictimes.com, the actor has accumulated a £28.5 million fortune compared to Princes William and Harry‘s personal assets of £28 million each.

Financial records published last week by Gilmore Jacobs suggest that the actor has investments worth £18 million. More than £6 million is connected with his film work and he has £3 million in the bank.

In addition to his London flat, Radcliffe also owns three properties in New York. He reportedly spent £100,000 decorating one of them.

Meanwhile Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, the first of two final instalments in the saga, is released on November 19.