Wizard-themed Escape Room opens in Manchester

Have you got what it takes to escape the 'University of Magic'?

Harry Potter fans should be excited to know that Manchester’s latest escape room is a magic-based challenge.

Magic-lovers put their wits to the test at the so-called ‘University Of Magic’, trapping you in an academy that specialises in dark arts. Using your knowledge of magical artifacts and your deductive skills, you’ll work together to escape the room.

The escape room in one of Lucardo’s, and it will outfit you in full sorcerers’ robes. You’ll have an hour to complete the University’s many challenges.


The challenge launches today (November 15), Manchester Evening News reports. Director of the room, Adam Conroy said: “Myself and the creative teams have worked hard to make this a truly immersive experience, and we want people to believe in this magical world of witches and wizards as they cast their spells”.

Shifting from Manchester to Toronto, it was recently revealed that Drake has said that he’s willing to spend $160,000 on a first edition Harry Potter book.

“I should get it,” Drake said. “My birthday’s coming up. Maybe I’ll buy it for myself as a treat.” Drake turned 31 last month (October 24). It’s not currently known whether he purchased the book or not.

Meanwhile, Harry Potter is set to receive the Pokemon Go treatment next year. The creators behind the augmented-reality app have turned their hands to one of the most successful franchises of all time, to bring elements of Potter’s magical universe into real life.