Harvey Weinstein responds to Piers Morgan’s comments that he “believes he’ll be forgiven”

Piers Morgan interviewed the disgraced Hollywood mogul while he seeks treatment for sex addiction in Arizona

Piers Morgan says Harvey Weinstein ‘believes he’ll be forgiven’ by Hollywood after a series of rape and sexual assault allegations have been made against him by numerous women.

Morgan told GQ Magazine that he spoke to Weinstein over the phone for ‘an hour’ while the Hollywood mogul was receiving treatment for sex addiction in a clinic in Arizona.

Morgan said, “I’ve spoken to Harvey in the clinic in Arizona, for about an hour. He’s fighting.

“He’s a fascinating character. The apocalyptic symptom of the whole thing – the casting couch finally brought to judgement.

“I can’t express the same level of shock as some people in Hollywood. Listen, this has been the system since Hollywood existed.

“It’s been a moral cesspit since the Twenties, and the idea that Harvey Weinstein is the only villain? Do me a favour.

“Look at Mel Gibson: ultimately Harvey believes he will be forgiven.”

Responding to Morgan’s comments, Weinstein told NME via a spokesman: “I have immense respect for Piers Morgan and appreciate him. During our conversation, which was back in October 2017, the only thought I conveyed was that my focus now and in the future is on my family.

“I did not talk about business or Hollywood. My priority is my family.”

sexual harassment
Harvey Weinstein has faced sexual misconduct allegations from a slew of women

Mel Gibson sparked fury following an anti-Semitic outburst after he was arrested for drink-driving in 2006. He has since been accepted back into Hollywood and was nominated for a Best Director Oscar for his work on 2017’s Hacksaw Ridge.

Last October, Weinstein was fired from The Weinstein Company after he faced extensive sexual assault allegations from a multitude of women. Weinstein has “unequivocally denied” all claims, but is being investigated by police over the allegations.

In March, The Weinstein Company – which was behind films including The King’s Speech and The Artist, filed for bankruptcy.

In a statement, the company said, “Since October, it’s been reported that Harvey Weinstein used non-disclosure agreements as a secret weapon to silence his accusers.

“Effective immediately, those ‘agreements’ end. No-one should be afraid to speak out or coerced to stay quiet.”

Stars including Uma Therman and Rose McGowan have spoken out against Weinstein, and it’s now been claimed that his offences stretch back to the 70s.

A play based on the accusations against Harvey Weinstein has been written by Pulitzer-winning playwright David Mamet.