HBO is developing a ‘Watchmen’ series for TV

The series will come from Lost show-runner Damon Lindelof

Following the 2009 Zach Snyder-directed adaption, HBO is in talks with ‘Lost’ show-runner Damon Lindelof to develop a TV adaption of ‘Watchmen’.

The comic began its run in 1986, written by Alan Moore and with illustrations by Dave Gibbons. It’s revered as one of the greatest comics of all time.

Capitalising on the franchise with prequel comics, TV animated series and Snyder’s infamous 2009 movie has always been controversial for comic book fans. However, this hasn’t stopped the TV project, that was originally reported back in 2015, from going ahead.

The Hollywood Reporter note that Damon Lindelof, who also wrote ‘Prometheus, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ and ‘Cowboys and Aliens’, is being courted by HBO and Warner Bros to the helm the TV adaptation of the comic book.

Sources at Variety report that the Lindelof take on the series will begin anew from the production work Zach Snyder had done when the project was originally announced two years ago.

No deal is yet in place for this project, which is totally unrelated to the movie produced in 2009.

Watch the trailer for the 2009 version of ‘Watchmen’ below.

At the time of the movie, Lindelof praised Snyder’s version of the film calling it “the most married-to-the-original-text version of Watchmen that could’ve been made”.

In other DC news, Zack Snyder has stepped down from directing the forthcoming Justice League movie after suffering a family tragedy. While the majority of the production has been completed, ‘Avengers’ director Joss Whedon has stepped in to oversee the rest of the project.