Ron Perlman pissed on his own hand before shaking hands with Harvey Weinstein

The 'Hellboy' and 'Sons of Anarchy' actor didn't say when the incident happened.

Ron Perlman has admitted that he urinated on his own hand before shaking hands with disgraced Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein.

The ‘Hellboy’ actor tweeted about the time he pissed all over his own hand before greeting Weinstein at a charity event.

He posted: ‘Did I ever tell ya about when Harvey Weinstein told me to make sure I shook his hand at a charity event, so I stopped in the mens room and pissed all over my hand, then went straight up to him on the receiving line? I think about that every time lil donnie opens up his KFC.’

While some have congratulated Perlman on the prank, others have questioned whether it’s the best way of calling out a perpetrator – although Perlman doesn’t say when the incident happened, so it’s not known if he was aware of any of the allegations at that point.

It’s not the first time Perlman has tweeted his dislike of the producer – back in November, he posted: “Man, if I had an Oscar for every time I almost hit Harvey Weinstein!!” in reference to an article about James Cameron almost hitting Weinstein with his ‘Titanic’ Oscar.

Last October, Weinstein was accused of rape by multiple women, which he “unequivocally denied”.

Accusations have come from the likes of Uma Thurman and Rose McGowan.

Weinstein surrendered himself to face sexual misconduct charges at the end of May, before being indicted on rape charges.

He agreed to hand over his passport, wear an electronic monitor, and restrict travel to New York state and Connecticut.

In February, it emerged that there are reported offences dating back to the 1970s.

Pulitzer-winning playwright David Mamet has written a play based on the accusations against Weinstein, although production details are yet to be revealed.