Henry Rollins says he’ll struggle to listen to his epic record collection before he dies

Black Flag icon says he acquired 1,000 new records in 2016 alone.

Black Flag icon Henry Rollins has revealed that his record collection is so vast, it now makes him confront his own mortality.

In his regular column for LA Weekly, the outspoken punk frontman, writer, activist and actor admits that he acquired around 1,000 new records in 2016 alone. When he’s not touring, Rollins says, he aims to listen to five new releases a day.

“Whenever I’m in the room where all my records are, I look at the shelves that bear the weight of the ones that have not yet been played, and all I can think of is death,” he writes. “I think of my future not in terms of how dazzlingly bright it could be but if I will be able to get all these records heard before I keel over.”

Of his 1,000 new records, Rollins writes: “I intend to listen to every single one. Staring at them, and all the other records that have been standing at attention, many for years, waiting patiently for their turn, I see that I’ve put myself into an existential wet paper bag that I’ll probably never punch my way through. I have reconciled myself to having a good time trying.”

Last year Rollins used his regular column to launch a scathing attack on Donald Trump, claiming that the new President-Elect has ‘gone from grabbing pussy to being one’. He also used a 2016 column to voice his opposition to North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law.