Pick up free comics tomorrow, including ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Riverdale’ titles, for Free Comic Book Day

51 free titles will be up for grabs

Tomorrow (May 4) marks the latest edition of Free Comic Book Day, a worldwide initiative that will see participating stores offering 51 free titles.

Leading the way on this year’s list of comics is a special story set in the Riverdale universe. There’s also Welcome To The Whedonverse, with stories from the worlds of Joss Whedon’s  Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Firefly.

Another comic being made available will combine tales from the Stranger Things universe and a story from the award-winning Black Hammer series.

There’s also issues featuring Doctor WhoThe Avengers, Star Wars, Bob’s Burgers and other hit franchises, as well as standalone work from some of the comic world’s very best.

“Each year, we continue to push ourselves to bring fans the very best Free Comic Book Day experience,” said Joe Field, who set up the event.

“The caliber, strength and depth of this year’s comic book titles is fantastic and independent comic book shop retailers all over the world can’t wait to treat fans and customers to an incredible day of fun, discovery, and learning about comic books and comic book shops.”

Free Comic Book Day started in 2002. For a full list of titles, click here, and to find a list of participating stores near you, click here.