Here’s what the critics are saying about ‘All The Money In The World’

Is it a hit?

The critics have had their say on All The Money In The World – and there’s a whole lot of love for Christopher Plummer after the veteran actor was drafted in as a last minute replacement for Kevin Spacey.

The high-stakes thriller underwent extensive reshoots in November last year after Spacey was axed following the slew of accusations of sexual misconduct, assault and harassment that have been made against the House of Cards actor.

Now, Plummer is receiving plaudits for his performance as oil tycoon John Paul Getty, who refused to pay a ransom to secure the release of his grandson after he was kidnapped in Rome in 1973.


Among his biggest admirers was Empire Magazine‘s Nick De Semlyen, who hailed Plummer’s performance as the best thing about the film.

“Plummer proves to be the best thing about All The Money In The World, grabbing the role of “not just the richest man in the world, but the richest man in the history of the world” by the throat”, he wrote.

Similar plaudits came from The Guardian‘s Peter Bradshaw, who hailed Plummer as a perfect fit.

“Getty is exactly right for Plummer’s talent for subversive glittery-eyed grandfatherly mischief, cut with a dash of misanthropic malice”, he wrote.

But the film wasn’t without its critics, with The New Statesman’s Ryan Gilbey proving to be among its biggest detractors.


“Save for a pair of performances of absorbing resolve from Plummer and Michelle Williams, it will take its place in history as a pub-quiz question, a footnote to a scandal”, he wrote.

All The Money In The World is out in cinemas now.