‘Heroes” Hayden Panettiere barred from visiting Amanda Knox for film role

Actress cannot visit convicted murdered to research part

Hayden Panettiere, who is set to play convicted murderer Amanda Knox for a forthcoming film, has been told she cannot visit her in prison.

Knox was jailed for her part in the murder of her British flatmate Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy in 2007.

The student’s lawyers strongly oppose the idea of the film based on the murder. Kercher from Surrey, was found half-naked with her throat slashed. Knox‘s ex-lover Raffaele Sollecito received 25 years in jail, and Rudy Guede 16 years for their participation in the crime.

Knox‘s lawyer Carlo Della Vedova, who dismissed the proposed meeting with Panettiere, told The Sun: “We find it [the film] very inopportune. There is no way that this actress can meet Amanda while she is in jail.”

Panettiere has previously explained that she would like to talk to Knox before shooting, but had admitted: “I’d be more surprised if it happened than if it didn’t.”

An appeal against Knox‘s conviction and 26-year sentence is set to go before Italian courts soon. The film starring Panettiere is set to air on American television next year.