“Hitler Simpson”: Writers behind Charlie Brooker’s cancelled ‘2017 Wipe’ reveal descriptions of Donald Trump

"Buzz Shiteyear", anyone?

The writers of Charlie Brooker’s ‘TV Wipe’ have revealed their brilliantly imaginative descriptions of Donald Trump, after the show’s 2017 edition was cancelled.

The annual show sees Brooker sending up the world of politics, entertainment and media in his own inimitable style, but it was shelved for 2017 as he concentrated his efforts on other projects.

But it seems that the show would have focused its attentions on Donald Trump, in the same year that the divisive President took to the White House.


Posting on Twitter, writer Jason Hazeley said: “While he’s wantonly soiling our territory and cluelessly fucking with our politics, here are our 2017Wipe (it was cancelled) notes on you-know-who.”

The list is pretty long, but there’s some comedic gems within.

It sees Trump described as, among other things, a “fascist bagpuss”, “a Vic Reeves drawing of Jimmy Savile” and “Buzz Shiteyear”.

A longer description sees Trump likened to “the sort of face David Cameron might put his dick in for a bet”.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump arrived in the UK yesterday afternoon to mark the beginning of a four-day visit.


It’s expected that he’ll be met with protests at every location – having been greeted by protestors yesterday outside Blenheim Palace, where he attended a banquet with Theresa May, and the US Ambassador’s residence in Regents Park.

You can find out everything you need to know about the protests here.