The house from ‘The Sopranos’ is now up for sale

Got a few million dollars spare?

The house from hit TV show The Sopranos is now up for sale, and you can own it if you have a few million dollars to hand.

The Sopranos made its television debut 20 years ago and went on to become one of HBO’s most successful shows. Now fans can own a piece of history, as Tony Soprano’s home in the show is now up for sale in real life.

Located in North Caldwell, New Jersey, the house served as the home base for Tony and his clan throughout the show’s six seasons. Selling for $3.4 million dollars, the price includes the 5,600-square-foot home, including four bedrooms, four baths, and two two-car garages, as well as a detached one-bedroom guesthouse, all of which occupy a 1.5-acre lot.


The house that was used in ‘The Sopranos’ is now on the market.

After living in it for over three decades, the Recchia family are ready to sell the iconic real estate. Taking advantage of the house’s popularity, they’ve put it on the market for an amount considerably more than other houses in the neighbourhood, which sit in the range of $1.5 to $2 million dollars.

“I don’t think you can quantify the intrinsic value of this home,” Victor Recchia told The New York Times, before mentioning the many Sopranos fans who regularly pay a visit to the iconic property.

If you’re interested in putting in an offer, the family has set up an email account to contact:

In related news, The Sopranos is set to return, with creator David Chase announcing a brand new prequel film based on the TV series.


Chase has worked with Sopranos writer Lawrence Konner on writing the script for the New Line-produced prequel, which is due to be set in the 1960s during the time of the infamous Newark riots. The new film currently has the working title The Many Saints of Newark.