Hit me baby one more time: how artists react to being bottled onstage

From passive acceptance to rock star tantrums, the full spectrum of reactions is here

Manchester heroes The Courteeners stormed off stage yesterday (December 1) when a crowd member chucked a bottle at singer Liam Fray. But the band are not the first to have been on the receiving end of a missive from the audience…


The band that powered on

No, mid-noughties emo types Panic! At The Disco are not renowned for being street toughs. They always looked great in eyeliner and knew their way around a pair of hair straighteners, but street toughs they were not. Yet when frontman Brendan Urie was knocked out by a missive from the crowd at Reading Festival in 2006, he stuck it out, finishing the show when he came to. Speaking with NME afterwards, he said, “What I remember is I got hit, got knocked out, woke up and finished the set! I was out for a couple of seconds, I guess. Then we played some music, it was good. I’ve got a bruise, but it looks good. It makes me look rugged and tough.”


The rapper who pleaded with the crowd

Poor 50 Cent tried his best to appeal to the 2004 Leeds Festival crowd that showered him with bottles and a chant of, “50 Cent’s a wanker!” He responded softly, appealing the audience’s reasonable side, and cooed, ““We’re just all here to have fun.” But the crowd was in mood to bottle 50 Cent for fun, and so they persist in their onslaught and 50 was forced to call it a day. He was later seen in the candy shop, having a lick of his lollipop.

The pop star who took it on the chin

Harry getting hit in the face …. again, Niall putting a snapback on louis, and louis putting a tiara on Niall 😂 #onedirection

Watch 1Dxclusive Clips’s Vine “Harry getting hit in the face …. again, Niall putting a snapback on louis, and louis putting a tiara on Niall 😂 #onedirection” taken on 25 June 2014. It has 6565 likes. The entertainment network where videos and personalities get really big, really fast.

If there was any doubt that Harry styles is the coolest member of One Direction, let us alleviate that doubt with a bottle-based fact. In 2014 a fan filmed him being in the face with a bottle – or other Unidentified Flying Object – and the blow barely caused the swoonsome singer to break his stride. Yer a consummate professional,  Harry.

The rock band that was not standing for that shit

Liam Gallagher recently revealed he'd signed a deal with Warner Bros and had started demoing a solo album. Former Creation Records boss Alan McGee said he thinks the record wil "be ‘Liam’." He added: The press will probably fucking hate it but they hate everything anyway. I don’t think people care any more. Music’s judged by social media now, not by The Guardian.”

Not sure who would dare to throw a bottle at Liam Gallagher, given Liam’s fearsome reputation, but exactly this occurred when the band performed in Glasgow in 1997. Bassist Bonehead, the poor sod, took the hit, but it was Liam who took a stand. “A bottle has been thrown,” he said. “We’re not standing for it. Good night.” A voice over the speakers then announced, “The band has never tolerated this sort of behaviour; the band has now left the building. Would you please do the same.” On the one hand, you’ve gotta Oasis’ chutzpah. On the other, it’s a shame of the fans who were excited to see the band. But since when did you go to Liam Gallagher for reasonable behaviour?

The singer who was a badass despite it all

Cher Lloyd, the singer who came fourth in series seven of The X Factor in 2010, is cool as fuck, a fact indisputable to anyone who’s heard her buoyant pop banger ‘With Ur Love’. She also illustrated her infallible coolness at V Festival in 2012, when she responded to a pelting by saying it like it is: “It’s hard enough being up here, but it’s not nice having bottles of piss chucked at you.” Remember: if you’re the kind of douchebag who throws bottles at a gig, you are destined to spend purgatory drinking warm festival lager until your bladder explodes.