HQ Trivia just went down for the first time ever

The #HQties weren't happy

The popular quiz app HQ Trivia has gone down for the first time ever.

The live iPhone game show usually runs at 20:00 GMT every night, but glitched and stopped after question one today (January 25).

Host Scott Rogowsky was forced to ad lib the start of the show before a message reading “technical difficulties” appeared on screen.

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The fans were not too pleased.

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Rogowsky also expressed his dismay at the situation, instructing the concerned Twitter page for the Atlanta Hawks to “SEND SPUD WEBB”.

The app confirmed the news to disappointed players on Twitter.


The game then took a short break before relaunching at 20:30, with Rogowsky announcing: “take two”.


Luckily for fans hoping to cash in on the prize money tonight, the second session continued without a hitch.

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