HQ Trivia’s Sharon Carpenter reveals who she wants to guest host a UK game

She wants Sacha Baron Cohen to bring Ali G back

HQ Trivia’s UK presenter Sharon Carpenter has told NME that she would like to see Ali G guest host a game on the popular quiz app.

HQ first launched in the US in August 2017, with a UK version introduced with Carpenter as host back in January.

The US edition has seen the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan Seacrest and even Bert from Sesame Street host special games.

Speaking to NME last week, Carpenter said she would like to see Sacha Baron Cohen reprise his Ali G character for a “comeback” on the UK version.

“You know who I’d love to see? Ali G,” Carpenter said. “Let’s try and make that happen.”

“I know Sacha Baron Cohen hasn’t done anything as Ali G for a while but I want to see a comeback. I think he’d be fantastic. I’d be dying laughing that’s for sure.”

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Carpenter also talked to NME about her newfound stardom and how to embrace the internet trolls.

“As with people commenting anywhere on the internet, there are moments when it can get quite savage,” Carpenter said.

Discussing her tendency to mispronounce words, Carpenter added: “At first I thought to myself, ‘Did I really pronounce that thing wrong and everyone is going at me for it?’. But then it becomes something we can have fun with. I’m not ashamed to take it head on and make fun of myself.”

“At the end of the day we’re all human and when you’re speaking live to an audience for fifteen minutes, mistakes do happen. My approach is to take it head on and not take myself too seriously and to have fun with the mistakes. We are all human and you have to not be afraid to make fun of yourself.”