Fancy a go at virtual reality? Save hundreds on HTC Vive kit this Black Friday weekend

It's never been cheaper

If you fancy trying your hand at virtual reality gaming, then there’s a Black Friday deal to save you hundreds of pounds this weekend.

Hailed as “the most powerful consumer VR headset in the market”, for a limited time the range of Vive Pro kit has never been cheaper.

For the full bundle of the Vive Pro kit complete with headset, sensors and controllers, you can save £200 and pick it all up for £1,099 at the official Vive store here.


The full HTC Viva Pro kit

Or, if you just want the Vive Pro headset, you can save £100 and pick that up for just £699 now while you still can.

The HTC Vive Pro headset

It’s not quite as powerful but still “immense, wonderful and utterly fantastic”, you can save £100 on the HTC Vive full kit and nab that for just £499 now.

You can also save £40 here if you subscribe to Viveport to pick five games each month. Do it now to get a free copy of Fallout 4 VR.


“The best VR headset around just took a significant step forward. If you were a fan of the Vive then you’ll appreciate the improvements made with the Vive Pro, but if VR isn’t for you then the Pro isn’t the headset that will change your mind.”