‘Inbetweeners’ fans react to “awful” reunion episode

"2019 ruined already."

Fans of The Inbetweeners have dismissed a reunion special of the iconic comedy as “awful” after it aired last night.

The Fwends Reunited show marked the 10th anniversary of the Channel 4 comedy and saw the cast joining forces once more to share their memories.

But despite the actual sitcom remaining hugely popular, it seems that the one-off reunion didn’t go down so well.


“Watched an hour of that #FwendsReunited was bloody awful to be fair. Cringe interviews and you could tell no one wanted to be there. I thought it was gonna be a new episode how wrong could I be. Peter Andre turned up ffs think that explains everything wrong with it!” wrote one user.

They weren’t alone – others raged after mistakenly believing that it would be a new episode of The Inbetweeners. 

“What the fucking fuck is this!? Was expecting a new, two hour long episode of the inbetweeners. 2019 ruined already,” wrote one user.


Others questioned the dynamic and feel of the show – claiming it felt forced and awkward.

Despite the lukewarm reaction, there was some unexpected revelations – including the fact that Matt Smith almost bagged the role of Will.

It came after creator Iain Morris revealed the near-casting in 2009 – telling Digital Spy that Dominic Cooper was also previously considered for the role.

“We auditioned literally 1000 people – including Matt Smith who is the new Doctor. And I’m sure Dominic Cooper at one point too. ‘He was brilliant – down to the last two for Will, I think. I think he was a bit too dashing!” said Morris.