Inbetweeners stars tease return with reunion photo

Are the Rudge Park boys about to return?

The stars of The Inbetweeners teased their return last weekend as they reunited for a meal to mark the 10th anniversary of the acclaimed sitcom.

Posting on Twitter, James Buckley shared a photo that showed him alongside co-stars Simon Bird, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas – as well as creators Damon Beesley and Iain Morris.

But while there’s no plans for the filthy four to make their return, Buckley couldn’t resist teasing the prospect of a reunion.


“BROO DON’T PLAY”, one user wrote.

Another said: “Please don’t play with my feelings”.

Sadly, it seems that Buckley is very much living up to Jay Cartwright’s questionable relationship with reality.

Last year, he openly admitted that a return to the show is rather unlikely.

“Unfortunately it’s just like physically impossible”, he told Radio Times.


“Because we’re old! I can’t believe that’s even still a discussion. Because people go, ‘You could do some more, can’t you?”

While a reunion might not be in the offing, Inbetweeners fans can look forward to forthcoming film The Festival, which sees Joe Thomas reuniting with Iain Morris.

It sees Thomas star as Nick, who goes on a tour of UK festival with his friends after graduating from University.

The film was shot on location at Leeds Festival last year for a scene that sees a DJ being electrocuted while a crowd mistakenly believes that he’s “just doing the latest dance craze”.

It’s set for release in August this year.