‘Inception’ cast couldn’t wait to work with ‘Dark Knight”s Christopher Nolan

Leonardo DiCaprio explains his reasons for picking role at premiere

The opportunity to work with The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan on his new film Inception was a very easy choice, according to the cast at last night’s (July 8) premiere.

The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, who admitted the decision to join the project had been a simple one.

“When Christopher Nolan calls you up and says ‘Look, I want to do a film that delves into the dreamscape, that delves into four different stages of the human subconscious, that is existential at times, it’s cerebral, surreal, and I want to do it on a grand Hollywood scale’, you say ‘Okay, where do I sign?'” he joked.

Other cast members were equally enthusiastic about the prospect of working with Nolan, with Michael Caine, who has worked with Nolan on three films, explaing: “He didn’t have a leading part for me and he said ‘It’s three days, do you wanna do it?’ and I said ‘For you, I’ll do it.’”

Irish actor Cillian Murphy, star of 28 Days Later, agreed. “He called me up and I was like, ‘Yes, Chris, before you even ask, yes!’” he said.

The film’s cast, which also include Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ken Watanabe and Marion Cotillard, were all out on the red carpet for last night’s UK premiere of the film in London.

Inception is released on July 16.