‘Inception’ prequel comic posted online

New release tells backstory of film’s dream universe

A prequel comic to Christopher Nolan’s Inception has been released online at Yahoo movies.

The comic, called The Cobol Job, is spoiler free and stands alone from the film, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a dream extractor turned wanted master criminal.

Written by Jordan Goldberg, producer of The Dark Knight, The Prestige and Inception, the comic is set before events in the film, and is based on the film’s original screenplay.

The 19-page comic follows extractor Dom Cobb (DiCaprio) and his team Arthur (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and Nash (Lukas Haas) on the job that leads them to the opening sequence of Inception.

The film’s star, Leonardo DiCaprio revealed that, despite taking the lead role in the sci-fi thriller, he is not a fan of the genre. Speaking to the Daily Star, he said: “I have a hard time with science-fiction… I have a little bit of an aversion to it, because it’s hard to emotionally invest in worlds that are too detached from what we know.”

However, DiCaprio was able to relate to his role in Inception because “it feels like a world we understand and that we could jump into and that’s not too much of a leap of faith to make”.

Inception is released on Friday (July 16).