Inquest reveals that Inspiral Carpets drummer killed himself due to 20 years of ‘unbearable’ tinnitus

Craig Gill took his own life last November.

The wife of Craig Gill, the drummer of Inspiral Carpets who tragically took his own life last year, has released a statement after the inquest into Gill’s death returned with an open verdict.

Rose Marie Gill has said that there needs to be a greater awareness around the damaging effects of tinnitus, reports The Guardian.

Craig Gill had no reported history of depression or suicidal thoughts which made his death so “shocking” for his friends and family. After the coroner inquest, however, Rose Gill issued a statement that noted that her husband’s tinnitus became “so unbearable he felt there was no cure.”


Marie also encouraged more awareness and transparency when it comes to men’s mental health. She said in the statement, “His condition affected his day-to-day wellbeing and he suffered in silence with both sleep deprivation and anxiety.”

“Although we struggle with the day-to-day existence of life without Craig, we are now able to discuss and promote awareness of tinnitus and men’s mental health. It takes courage for men to speak out, to talk to one another, to share their thoughts and their fears.”

Members of Inspiral Carpets also attended the inquest with keyboard player Clint Boon reading a statement: “Craig was a friend, a loyal son and brother, philosophical father and important member of our gang. We feel extremely privileged to have spent the last 30 years making music with him”.

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The 44-year old drummer was found dead in his family’s home in Greenfield, Greater Manchester.

At the time the likes of Liam Gallagher, Stephen Holt and the city of Manchester paid tribute to Gill over Twitter.