It’s ‘The Dress’ all over again – the internet is losing its mind over this colour-changing shoe

Here we go again

Just like ‘The Dress’, the internet has become obsessed with another colour-changing, clothing-related optical illusion.

Back in February 2015, the web lost its mind over a seemingly-colour changing dress – some people saw it as white and gold, while others saw it as blue and black. Now, there’s another seemingly kaleidoscopic item of clothing to get obsessed with.

Enter: The Shoe. A skate shoe has gripped the ‘net, with some users seeing the shoe as grey with a green stripe, and others adamant that the shoe is in fact pale pink, with a white stripe down the side.

Check out The Shoe for yourself below – is it green and grey, or pink and white?

Naturally, the internet debate has become incredibly heated, with people on both sides arguing their case in increasingly stressed-out style.

Thankfully, though, the girl who owns the actual real-life shoe decided to put an end to the debate, before everything got way out of hand.

It turns out the shoe is (clearly, duh) pink and white.

“THE REAL SHOE IS PINK & WHITE OKAY!?” tweeted Alisha, the girl who took the original picture. “The second pic was with flash & darkened, so it looks teal & gray. (depends on what lighting ur in)” She also shared a colour-corrected image of the original photo, clearly showing it to be pink and white.

Finally, the internet can sleep sound.