The best ever iPhone 8 deal ends today

SIM-free or £29-per-month contract – both options are great value

Apple’s iPhone 8 may have been new to shelves just a couple of months ago, but the smartphone’s price has already been slashed as part of the ongoing Black Friday weekend madness. Today you can get a 64GB-capacity iPhone 8 with 12GB data for just £29 per month (or you can buy it outright at a discount from several different retailers).

As with most iPhone 8 contracts, you’ll have to pay an upfront fee on this contract first. This comes in at £185, but you can save £10 by quoting the promotional code DEALENVY10 at the checkout, and if you add the upfront cost – £175 – to the overall price of the contract over 24 months – £696 – you’re looking at a figure of just £871. If you do the maths, that’s a really great price.

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Say you outright bought the handset SIM-free: right now you’d be paying £679 for the phone. At £871, this contract works out at £192 more than that, which sounds like a lot – but really it means your generous allowance of data, unlimited calls and texts works out at just £8 per month over 24 months, on top of the price of the handset.

To put that in perspective, an 8GB iPhone 8 deal on EE will cost you £39 per month right now, along with an upfront cost of £150. In total, this 24-month contract with EE would cost you £1086 – far more than the £871 you’re paying overall with this deal. So if you’re after a contract for an iPhone 8, this deal is really a no-brainer.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a SIM-free 8 deal on the iPhone 8, both Amazon and have a decent alternative. For £679 – £20 off the £699 RRP – you can get the 64GB version of the iPhone 8.

Android user? There are Black Friday deals for you, too. If you’re after the latest Samsung model – the Galaxy S8 – you can save £160 more than you can with this iPhone deal. And if you’re after something slightly cheaper, thanks to Black Friday you can get a SIM-free Galaxy S7 Edge for just £369.99 – its cheapest ever price.

Keep an eye on for the best Black Friday deals as and when they come in.