Here’s what the first iPhone X users are making of their new device

Animojis are in, selfies are out

Apple’s next generation of smartphone – the iPhone X – is here. But what’s new about it, and is it worth the £1000 pricetag? Here’s what users are saying about it.

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1.  Animojis are hilarious

Whoever thought of these guys is a genius. Your phone basically scans your face and turns it into an emoji animal. And with these animals, you can:

A. make them sing AC/DC’s ‘TNT’


B. create comedy sketches.

C. use them to parody political figures.

D. not understand them at all.


2. The cameras are really, really good. Maybe too good.

They show so much detail it’s almost like you’re seeing the world in better quality than you can with your actual eyes.

See, for example, how it captures the regal essence of this peacock.

And the front-facing ‘selfie’ camera is well HD.

Some, though, are saying it’s too high-quality, making selfies a traumatising experience:

3. You can trick the facial recognition software

As this experiment by Mashable proves, twins can trick the facial recognition software, meaning if you have an identical twin you can easily log into your sibling’s phone without a password.

4. They’re troublingly expensive

Like, if you drop one, you will never ever recover.

5. Its animations are cute

Like, look at the airplane mode animations:

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