‘Iron Man 2’ tops film ‘blunder’ chart

Superhero sequel features on website rundown of errors

Iron Man 2 has been named the most mistake-ridden movie of 2010.

Released in April, the sequel to the 2008 original topped the Moviemistakes.com end–of-year list.

The website’s creator, Jon Sandys, claims the film featured 46 errors.

Iron Man 2 is littered with continuity and factual errors,” he said, “including one scene where Mickey Rourke‘s Ivan Vanko is listed in Russian as a female on his passport. Other mistakes include clothes being buttoned and unbuttoned between shots, a glass of wine continually changing from being full to half empty and lighting equipment being visible during scenes.”

The remake of The A-Team came second, with 37 mistakes.

Other notable mentions included Martin Scorsese‘s Shutter Island with 33 mistakes, Inception with 20, while The Twilight Saga: Eclipse had 19.

The website also lists the most blunder-filled scenes of 2010. One sees Leonardo DiCaprio jumping over a wall and falling onto a pile of leaves in Shutter Island, despite a crash mat being visible. Then, in Ridley Scott‘s Robin Hood, it’s claimed that modern wind farm turbines can be seen.