‘Iron Man 3’ could get ‘Lethal Weapon’ director

Shane Black line dup for superhero film

Shane Black, writer and director of Lethal Weapon, is being lined up to write and direct Iron Man 3.

Last year Jon Favreau, director of 2008’s Iron Man and its 2010 sequel, announced that he wouldn’t be returning to direct the third film.

Now Hollywoodreporter.com reports that, while Black‘s hiring is “far from a sure thing”, he has been in talks with Marvel Studios owners Disney about writing and directing the new film.

The screenwriter’s other credits include scripts for 1991’s The Last Boy Scout, 1996’s The Long Kiss Goodnight and the first two Lethal Weapon films. His 2005 directorial debut, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, starred Iron Man lead Robert Downey Jr.

If Black does secure the job it could be the first time the Iron Man team have began shooting one of the films with a completed script. It’s been reported that, in a bid to get the first two films out on time, the first film and it’s sequel began shooting without a finished script.

Jeff Bridges, who starred in the first movie, revealed that at times the actors were making things up as they went along. “They had no script, man!” he said. “They had an outline. We would show up for big scenes every day and we wouldn’t know what we were going to say.”