Is Secret Cinema about to take on ‘Jurassic Park’?

'Life finds a way'

Secret Cinema have dropped a very big hint that they could be about to tackle Jurassic Park for their next event.

The immersive cinema experience, which recently invited film lovers into the world of Moulin Rouge, has previously taken on blockbusters including Back To The Future and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Now, it seems like Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur epic could be the next film on their hitlist.


Posting on Twitter, they shared the film’s famous tag line ‘Life Finds A Way’, along with a gif taken directly from one of the film’s most iconic scenes – showing a glass of water shaking as dinosaurs approach.

At present, Secret Cinema haven’t confirmed whether it will be their next film – but the very prospect got fans seriously excited.

One wrote: “HOLY SHIT! If this is real, I’m not sure what I’d do.”

Another said: “Please be Jurassic Park for your next event”.

Until Secret Cinema reveal more on the prospect, Dino fans can get their fix this summer by visiting a real-life dinosaur theme park experience which is set to open in the UK.


Dinosaurs In The Wild, which opens in Birmingham on June 24, is described as a “70-minute experience that combines dramatic storytelling, scripted actors, and high-end digital graphics and animatronics to create a believable prehistoric world”.