Is your old Disney VHS collection worth a fortune?

The answer is: maybe

Last month we sent your rummaging around your old music collection, looking for CDs that might be worth a few bob. This month we send you on another goose chase: hunting for Disney videotapes that could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Just think, all that time you wasted going to an actual boring job every day, and you could have just eBayed your copy of The Fox and the Hound. Here, then, are nine videotapes that could drag you out of mediocrity and into the big leagues. At least, that’s if these mind-boggling eBay listings are anything to go by. With the exception of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, all of these videos are from the ‘Black Diamond’ collection. Yes, your Disney videotapes could quite literally be diamonds among the rough.


The Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the BeastEbay

Asking price: $9,998.88 (£7,950)

Look at that price tag. You’re tempted to part with your cherished childhood possession, aren’t you? Five-year-old you is deeply disappointed that you’d trade all your glorious those memories for a quick buck. 20-something you is already searching Skyscanner.


The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book eBay

Asking price: $500 (£400)

That’s right: if you have the 1967 ‘Black Diamond’ VHS edition of the cartoon about a young boy who grows up on the jungle, you, too, could become the king of the swingers.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Snow White and the Seven DwarveseBay

Asking price: $150 (£120)

In 1937, Walt Disney released a cartoon about young woman who lives with a group of male dwarves who go by names such as Dopey and Sneezy. These men are not chronic drug addicts, they are adorable. Anyway, in 2016 you might be able sell your original for a hefty wedge.


The Fox and the Hound

The Fox and the HoundeBay

Asking price: $1,000 (£795)

The 1981 film is a weepie about the doomed friendship between a dog and a fox. But you will  the one who will be shedding tears if you left this obsolete video, waterlogged, outside your house in the hope that someone would unburden you of it.


The Little Mermaid

 The Little mermaideBay


Asking price: $9999.08 (£7,950)

If you pay £7,950 for this old videotape about an ambitious young mermaid, I will personally see to it that you are canned and preserved in brine.