‘Jackie Brown’ prequel on the cards

'The Switch' to feature younger versions of Samuel L Jackson and Robert De Niro

A prequel to the Quentin Tarantino‘s Jackie Brown is in the works – but it won’t be directed by Tarantino himself.

The film – based on Jackie Brown author Elmore Leonard‘s own prequel The Switch – will be directed by writer/director Dan Schechter, with Tarantino‘s blessing according to JoBlo.

The plot will follow younger versions of Ordell Robbie (Samuel J Jackson) and Louis Gara (Robert De Niro) as they become friends in prison after both being locked up for grand theft auto.

In jail they concoct a plot to team up for a big job together – kidnapping the wife of a wealthy property developer in order to demand a ransom for her return. The businessman, however, does not want his wife back, and the trio are soon plotting together how to extract the most money from him.


JoBlo are reporting that Schechter has written the script, but casting decisions are yet to be made.