The Inbetweeners’ Blake Harrison and James Buckley respond after reunion episode backlash

Some fans said the episode had "ruined their 2019 already"

The Inbetweeners’ Blake Harrison has joined James Buckley in responding to the backlash surrounding the show’s 10th anniversary special.

The Fwends Reunited episode, hosted by Jimmy Carr, was met with criticism from fans who thought the special would be a new episode of the hit comedy series, rather than a programme of interviews and quizzes.

“Watched an hour of that #FwendsReunited was bloody awful to be fair. Cringe interviews and you could tell no one wanted to be there. I thought it was gonna be a new episode how wrong could I be. Peter Andre turned up ffs think that explains everything wrong with it!” wrote one user.


Last night, James Buckley, who played Jay in the show, apologised to fans. “Feeling pretty hated right now,” he wrote in a tweet. “Im sorry to anyone who feels let down with last nights show. Im especially upset as it really is the fans that made the inbetweeners a success, it certainly wasnt me. I might do an explanation video on my YT, or might just leave it & move on #sorry”

People responding to Buckley’s tweet mainly blamed Jimmy Carr for the episode, with one user writing: “It had great potential but tbh the host ruined it! Wanted to hear more from you guys, but don’t feel you had the chance to fully contribute. I was expecting outtakes, funny stories etc.”

He was also seemingly joined by Blake Harrison, who plays Neil. Harrison cryptically suggested that 2019 was “off to a good start.”

One user responded: “Bad host and bad format. The awards were gash, the super fans were awkward. The 4 of you driving in the fiat and visiting the school was great. That’s what the fans want, not that Shiny pillock talking over the 4 people we tuned in to see. Not the casts fault.


Another added: “You were all lovely. The format was just a little weird. Channel 4 need to remember they don’t have to give every job to Jimmy Carr! Borrow the car from the Will-alike and drive around chatting for an hour, everyone would love it.”

Despite the lukewarm reaction, there were some unexpected revelations during the show – including the fact that Matt Smith almost bagged the role of Will.

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