Jared Leto tipped to star in Disney’s ‘Tron 3’ reboot

The 'Suicide Squad' actor is thought to be the leading contender for a major part in the return of the sci-fi franchise

Jared Leto has been identified by Disney as the man to lead their reboot of the Tron franchise.

After Tron: Legacy revived the storyline from the 1980 original in 2010, a third film was cancelled in May 2015 by Disney despite the near-completion of its pre-production.

Leto was mooted for a leading role in that cancelled sequel, and his name has again become the hot topic of discussion with the news that Disney are now looking to revive the franchise with a third Tron film. The Hollywood Reporter quote sources who claim that the project will be built around Leto should his involvement be confirmed, though preparations for the new film in general are thought to be in the very early stages.


Only producer Justin Springer – who worked on Tron: Legacy – has been officially confirmed as being part of the project, with Leto and his producing partner, Emma Ludbrook, set to fill producer roles if he joins Tron 3.

Sources have also claimed that the third Tron film won’t be a direct sequel to Legacy, but will contain elements from the aborted 2015 script. Legacy director Joseph Kosinski described the project this week as being in a “cryogenic freezer.”

Back in January, Suicide Squad director David Ayer admitted that he’d under-used Leto in the film – with the 30 Seconds To Mars frontman’s much-hyped role as The Joker not receiving a huge amount of screen time in the 2016 film.