Jason Bateman says new Netflix show ‘Ozark’ is the most “intense” work of his career to date

The 'Arrested Development' star's new show debuted on the streaming service last Friday (July 21)

Jason Bateman has revealed that his new Netflix show Ozark is “bigger and more intense” than anything he’s ever done in his career.

The Breaking Bad-style show debuted on the streaming service last Friday (July 21). Bateman stars as Marty Byrd, a financial planner and family man who is forced into money laundering for a deadly Mexican drug cartel. Laura Linney co-stars as Marty’s wife Wendy.

Speaking about Ozark in a new interview, Bateman compared working on the new show with his more familiar work on Arrested Development.


“It’s nice in the difference of work because Ozark is drama and Arrested is comedy,” he told the Press Association. “My workload on Ozark was bigger and more intense than anything I have ever done while Arrested Development, you could argue, is the easiest thing I do because the people are so great and the writing is so easy and perfectly done and the character is someone I’m very used to. So it’s opposite ends of the spectrum.”

Away from Ozark, Bateman is set to join the rest of the Arrested Development cast in shooting the cult show’s fifth season in the coming weeks.

It was revealed earlier this week that the new season of the Mitch Hurwitz-created show will centre around a murder mystery, with Bateman confirming that “the central spine of the story is the death of Liza Minnelli’s character.”